Dodgy ‘herbal blend’ leaves Pretoria man ‘standing there limp’

A 38-year-old man is the latest person to fall under the spell of an unknown “drug” called “herbal blend” in the west of Pretoria.

“The patient is just pale‚ standing there limp‚” Best Care paramedic Xander Loubser said on Thursday afternoon.

“He claims that he’s fine. He is compos mentis‚ meaning he knows what is happening around him.

“He admitted he bought it [herbal blend] today [Thursday] and smoked it this afternoon.”

This comes after 14 young adults and scholars were admitted to hospital earlier this week after smoking the same “drug”.

The substance has mainly been found in Pretoria West‚ Pretoria Gardens‚ Daspoort and Hercules. It is packaged inside a small black bag and looks like dagga.

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