IN MEMES | Twitter’s in love with Harriet Khoza’s instinct

Every now and then viewers are reminded of why Harriet Khoza played by Connie Ferguson is the queen of  The Queen.

With the introduction of Gracious Mabuza and the constant drama and losses Harriet has had to accept because of her drug business, the title for queen has been floating around. Even though viewers know deep down that Harriet is still ruling the kingdom, they were amazed when it turned out she had sensed that Kamina was not loyal to the Khozas.

Twitter loves how her gut feeling is so in tune with reality and how she picks up the bad vibes long before they actually appear. The issue is Harriet always has to watch her back and when there’s so many snakes to look out for in your garden, one is almost guaranteed to sneak up on you.

Fans are hoping that Trevor isn’t a snake because they want Harriet to deal with Kamina properly for being a Judas Iscariot.

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