‘Worst robbers in Belgium’ arrested after being told to return when there’s more money

A Belgian store owner foiled an armed robbery on Saturday by telling the would-be thieves to return later when there would be more money in the till.

The gang duly complied — only to be arrested by waiting police officers, broadcaster RTL reported on Tuesday.

“I told them they’d be better off robbing me at half past six,” Charleroi e-cigarette seller Didier told the channel. “I could see I wasn’t dealing with geniuses.”

“The police said ‘sir, they’re never going to come back, it’s unimaginable.”

 “I responded ‘I think they will’.”

“I’m a good salesman but I don’t think they were great thinkers.”   

“They’re being called the worst robbers in Belgium,” Didier told the BBC.


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