Land hearings heat up as deadline approaches

At this point‚ a number of MPs opposed to expropriation without compensation were heckling Shivambu and objecting to his line of questioning‚ while the UDM’s Mncedisi Filtane‚ referring to Lamosa‚ shouted in the background: “They are in white pockets…”

The UDM supports the motion for land expropriation without compensation.

“I find it a very inflammatory‚ racist statement to refer to ‘all whites want this‚ all blacks want that’‚” objected a seething Freedom Front Plus chief whip Corne Mulder.

Despite Maila ruling out Shivambu’s question on funders‚ Mahlake appeared happy to address it: “Fortunately enough‚ we are not funded by VBS. They asked me who funds Lamosa‚ or who is not funding Lamosa and I am saying we are not funded by VBS bank….”

He explained that they were in fact an NGO and lawyers offered their services for free.

The entire meeting was characterised by heated exchanges and racialised outbursts between MPs and against organisations whose positions they opposed.

With just three weeks remaining before the joint constitutional review committee reports back to parliament with recommendations on the proposed amendment‚ MPs both for and against the proposal seemed to push their parties’ political positions in the manner they engaged presenters who appeared before the committee and against each other.

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