Haunted by murder‚ weeping mom can’t sleep at night

Zak Valentine‚ 33‚ Cecilia Steyn‚ 37‚ and Marcel Steyn‚ 20‚ are accused of embarking on a murder spree from 2012 to 2016. They are also accused of robbery‚ aggravated assault‚ racketeering‚ possession of an unlicensed firearm‚ fraud and identity theft.

The accused have pleaded not guilty to 32 counts‚ including murder‚ robbery with aggravating circumstances‚ fraud and intimidation. Former high school teacher Marinda Steyn‚ 51‚ was sentenced to 11 life terms for the killings.

Burger told the South Gauteng High Court on Thursday that her daughter had joined the group Overcomers Through Christ‚ where she had presented a course called “Know your enemy”.

Natacha had obtained an LLB degree and was working at Outsurance. She became one of the people tasked with “looking after” Cecilia.

“She was supposed to be looked after day and night. I don’t know why‚” said Burger.

She said Natacha believed nothing bad would happen to her because she was “protected by Christ”.

Relaying how she had heard about her daughter’s death‚ Burger said: “I got a phone call. Her friends were getting together for a pizza night. All hell broke loose when they saw an ambulance.

“She was my only precious child. I’m on anti-depressants. I can’t sleep at night. It’s extremely painful‚” she said‚ weeping uncontrollably. “I hope justice prevails.”

She said Natacha was the apple of her father’s eye. Since her death‚ he had become ill.

The trial continues.  

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