Stonebwoy Invites ‘legend’ Kwadee to ‘Ashiaman to the World Concert’

Stonebwoy has invited rapper Okomfo Kwadee to perform at his upcoming “Ashiaman to the World concert”.

The Bawasaba hit maker invited the rapper via a phone call on air Friday on Starr Drive with Giovani and Bela Mundi.

“We are happy that he is back now. I will use this as an opportunity to invite him to the Ashiaman concert”.

We got inspired by the stuff that you did and Ghana can attest to the fact that there can never be two Okomfo Kwadees”.

The afro-dancehall star continued “people like you are legends, people like you have groomed us indirectly.

One of the traits he put up has inspired me till date and that is why I move in this way”.


Source: Ghana/ Damilola Wemakor

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