How Betway is helping disabled sports in SA

The leading online betting company, Betway is not just making waves in the sports world, it’s also doing its part when it comes to fulfilling its social responsibility.

Fans and bettors love Betway for different things. Betway sports betting is easy with the smooth navigation, for one. Others love it for the live support or the ability to access funds quickly. Yes, Betway recently make fund depositing easier by including various payment methods.

The fact that you can bet on local and international events easily – from hockey, football to even other sports like cricket makes it a favourite among many. However, the company doesn’t aim to be known just for being a leader in the market.

Betway’s Focus on Its Social Responsibility

The company’s fundamental belief in paying for empowerment of the society enabled it to partner with 94.7 to give the listener a chance to win 20,000 Rands and to choose it for one among the three charities to give away the earned  20,000 Rand as donation.

The three charities that were featured in Betway were, Wheelchair Tennis, Ahisanang Thobela Centre for the Mentally Handicapped.

Wheelchair Tennis- South Africa:

Wheelchair tennis, for instance, is among the popular sports in the world for the disabled. Wheelchair Tennis South Africa (WTSA) is considered as one of the biggest success stories, making the sports known across the globe.

Ahisanang Sechaba: 

This is a non-governmental organisationt hat  helps taking children on the streets to football field to bring them away from the deadly drugs as well as encouraging them in their pursuit to chase their dreams.

Thobela Centre for the Mentally Challenged

The centre works with many adults and children that were living with disabilities mainly focusing on the engagement by means of sport and also teaching life skills at the same time. This Centre for the Mentellay Handicapped  was chosen by one of the winner and an amount of 20000 Rands were donated.

By contributing their part to the efforts that were put by these charities, this online betting company, Betway is hoping to help each facility in improving its service, better support  for the disabled singles, and also to sustain itself creating more opportunity at the same time.

The growth of the sports culture inthe African Nations is deep- rooted in the generosity from the companies like Betway. South Africa retainss to lead the way as well as to inspire the equality at all levels.

They believe in the moral philosophy that physical disabilities  should not suppress the abilities among the challenged in their pursuit of achieving their dreams and passions. Lucas Sithole, champion of open wheelchair tennis in the South African Paralympic squad, is a live example for many challenged African athletes who are making it a big.

However, challenged sportsmen & sportswomen of various skills continue in their struggle to gain the recognition they aspired for. Betway hopes to transform this by supporting their noble cause and bringing them to limelight.

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