‘We love you‚ pull through Brad’ – says family of SA man clinging to life in Vietnam

He left for Vietnam in March to teach English as a foreign language.

“This was his biggest adventure‚ he has been planning for quite a while and he was really excited about it. He was really happy and content with his life over there‚” Shannon said‚ describing Brad as a “precious‚ gentle soul”.

“He is very caring and did everything for his family and friends. He has such a deep love for his family and friends and it is very special to see all these people come out now to support Brad.

“When things happened‚ he would feel the pain for you.”

She said Brad had always hoped to be at peace and happy in life. He has strong family ties‚ loves children and is fond of his niece‚ Sage. He had a sage leaf tattooed on his arm.

“When we got sent the picture of him in a coma‚ we were so touched by the sage leaf tattoo looking back up at us from the picture. We knew that he had to make it‚” Shannon said.

She said his main goals in life were more about quality of life and less about money.

“He has always been someone who persuaded us to be happy and always reminded us that money does not matter as long as you are happy.” He hoped to one day start his own graphic design studio.

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