Why doctor turned down R1m to euthanise his friend

He turned down R1m because he could not help his friend die.

“For me‚ it was first that he is a friend. Secondly‚ legally I cannot do it.”

This is how Dr Joseph Huskisson described the dilemma he was faced with when his late friend and colleague‚ Dr Anrich Burger‚ offered him R1m to assist him to die.

Speaking to TimeLIVE on Sunday Huskisson said: “I didn’t even ask him where he is going to get the money. I don’t know if he had the money.”

“He told me the whole time that he knows that he cannot put pressure on me to do it‚ but I must help him. I could not bring myself to do it.”

Burger became a quadriplegic after a car crash eight years earlier.


In 2011‚ he attempted suicide by drinking an overdose of pills with the help of an unknown party.

Burger was rushed to the Mediclinic Vergelegen in Somerset West and his stomach was pumped.

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