Pretoria DJ eats Sushi off naked woman


Sushi king Kenny Kunene might be done with eating sushi off naked woman.

But that does not mean it’s the end of nyotaimori in Mzansi.

A Pretoria disc jockey kept the spirit of nyotaimori alive over the weekend.

Nyotaimori is the Japanese term for eating sushi off a naked woman’s body.

Saturday night was famous DJ Behind Bars’ birthday and patrons packed the club in Mamelodi to join the celebrations.

It soon became clear that the disk spinning 38-year-old DJ had planned to have his cake and eat it too, even thought there was no cake in sight.

Instead the DJ turned out to be the cake when a naked exotic dancer ate sushi of his bare chest, and he returned the favour and had some tasty Asian tidbits of her body too.

Fans and patrons said that when they arrived they were all wondering where the cake was.

Then the DJ arrived with a hot babe dressed in just her bra and panties, but they were still left none the wiser.

She danced in front of the DJ, real name Thabo Mohlare, as he entered the club and soon people were out of their seats to see what’s going to happen next.

The dancer, who goes by the stage name Sexy Girl, then shocked everyone as she took off her panties and threw it at a group of male patrons.

A table was put near a sofa where the woman laid the DJ on it.

Pretoria DJ eats Sushi off naked woman

Another woman wearing a sexy night dress came and put sushi on the DJ and Sexy Girl got down to tuck in, eating all the sushi on top of him.

When she had finished, the woman lay down and the other girl placed sushi on her.

Then the DJ, to the applause of male patrons, ate everything to the last little morsel sushi off her body.

The sushi show was followed by a drunken Happy Birthday sung by the patrons.

The woman didn’t get her panties back as male patrons had torn it apart, fighting for it.

She told Daily Sun: “I’m not a magosha. I’m a dancer and a woman who has bills to pay. Women are now claiming back and are in control of their own bodies.

“If the haters were going to pay my bills I would consider stopping what I do,” she said.

The DJ said he didn’t like normal parties and that every year he comes up with something new.

“Sexy Girl was professional and she made my party very special,” he said.

“I will hire her again,” he said.

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