Nakpaa Naa family sad but accepts court ruling on Bimbilla skin

General News of Wednesday, 23 May 2018



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The spokesperson for the Nakpaa Naa, a claimant to the Bimbilla skin in the Northern Region says they are saddened by the ruling of the Supreme Court which declared the rival Dasana Andani family as the legitimate heirs to the skin.

Amadu Mustapha was, however, quick to add that his family accepts and will abide by the ruling of the Apex court, Wednesday.

His comment to Joy News’ Seth Kwame Boateng comes hours after the highest court ruled on a chieftaincy dispute between the Napkaa Naa and Dasana Andani families which has left Bimbilla in shambles.

The 15-year bloody chieftaincy dispute has led to needless deaths, destruction of property and underdevelopment.


There were two claimants to the Bimbilla skin-Naa Andani Dasana Abdulai and Naakpa Naa Salifu Dawuni both of whom are deceased.

The matter was sent to the traditional council where the Nayiri ruled that the Dasana family was the rightful heir.

Not happy with the ruling, the Naakpa Naa family proceeded to the Northern Region House of Chiefs who also ruled in favour of the Dasana family.

Still, the other faction was not impressed and sent the case to the National House of chiefs which also affirmed the two previous decisions.

The matter had to be dragged to the Supreme Court, the final arbiter on the matter.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court affirmed the National House of Chief’s 2014 ruling which also declared the Dasana family as the legitimate rulers.

The court averred in a ruling read by Justice Gabriel Pwamang that the late Naa Andani Dasana had been lawfully enskinned as ruler of Bimbilla.

The ruling evoked mixed feelings at the court and back at home in Bimbilla in the Northern Region.

The Northern Region House of Chiefs has asked for both parties to remain “peaceful and respectful after the judgement.”

“We entreat all supporters to keep activities and exchanges civil, to maintain an atmosphere of tolerance and respect and to avoid the use of tribal rhetoric” a statement from the House of Chiefs said.

Joy News’ Martina Bugri has reported there is some mild jubilation in Bimbilla, especially from members of the Dasana family.

Shortly after the ruling, “there was the eruption of jubilation, riding of motorbikes with the pouring of powder on some residents [to signify victory],” Bugri reported.

But there is absolute calm in the area, she added, with leaders of both factions accepting the ruling.

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