Five photos of Japanese gutters that proves Japan is far ahead of Ghana

Ghanaian gutters (left) compared to Japanese ones (right)

Most Ghanaians who live in urban environments are fully aware of the sanitation crisis in the country’s major cities. With plastic waste clogging city gutters, Ghana still has a long way towards achieving its sanitation goals.

While there are varying opinions regarding what is the main cause of the problem, many agree that a change of attitude towards sanitation would go along way towards providing a solution to Ghana’s – and Africa’s – sanitation problem. put together a series photos of Japanese gutters, compared to some in Ghana that suggests Ghana has a long way to go towards changing the attitude towards sanitation.

A Reddit user post photos of the streets of In Takayama in Gifu prefecture, in the mountains near the Japanese Alps.

The gutters carry snow melt that feed into a nearby river.

Koi fish are notorious for being able to survive only in very clean water, something that goes a long way towards showing how much Japanese cities are doing to tackle sanitation in urban areas.

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