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Lifestyle:The first 5 things to do after seeing your woman is still in love with her ex

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Moving out of a relationship to start a new one could come with some emotional challenges. This is especially the case with our Ghanaian women who could have enjoyed some good and fond memories of their ex.

In this article, we help you with some useful tips on what exactly you could do to refocus the energies of your woman.

1. Emphasize your love for her Every Ghanaian woman wishes to have a feel of what it is like to be or feel loved. The perception of love is often what drives the interest of a woman to her man. In the case where your woman still has this feeling for her ex, you need to, as a man, re-emphasize your love for her. This helps a great way in making her forget the loss she may have confront in the past relationship.

2. Prove your love for her After expressing how much you love her, there is also the need to show proof. Giving proof of love is an intelligent way of getting your woman strengthen her love for you. Proving to her could mean dropping her some sweet messages first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. It could also mean taking her back to the lovely times of your first date.

3. Get a counselor If convincing her fails, you may want to consider clever ways of engaging the services of a professional marriage counselor. This mostly means getting a well-experienced counselor who has what it takes to talk her out of her current predicament. Counselors often stand out as that third-party individual who does not just respect the view of the other but also shares deep insights on managing the relationship.

4. Be brave to confront the guy in question As men, one of the key things we are good at is talking issues out with persons of controversy. In this case, this could be the gentleman this lady still has fond memories of. This could sound rude but confront the other guy in a very diplomatic way could bring up the magic results you most desire.

5. Help her cut all communications One reason why most women find it very hard to forget about their ex is generally due to the existence of specific contacts to their ex. If your lady finds herself in this situation, the best thing to do is to help her cut all such ties with the ex.

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