Miss Ghana 2017, Margaret Mwintuur Dery distances herself from activities of Miss Ghana as Queen

Entertainment of Friday, 29 December 2017

Source: ghpage.com


Margaret Mwintuur Dery, Inna Patty and Sung Maryanne Billey

About two weeks ago, 3 former winners of the Miss Ghana pageant in an audio conversation with Ghanacelebrities alleged that Inna Mariam Patty, the CEO of Exclusive Events, organizers of the annual Miss Ghana Beauty Pageant in return for financial returns and sponsorship deals pimp the winners of the pageant to preying men. They also accused her of exploitation and abuse

The 3 former winners of the Miss Ghana pageant who made the accusations are Stephanie Karikari (Miss Ghana 2010), Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (Miss Ghana 2013), and Antoinette Delali Kemavor (Miss Ghana 2015).

A couple of days later, first runner-up of Miss Ghana 2013, Margarette also added More accusations against Inna Mariam Patty as to why she resigned just two weeks after being crowned.

According to her, Inna Mariam Patty told them to be “Smart with the Big Men” in order to raise more money despite the fact that she knows the “Big men” demand dinners and stuff like that. And she also embezzled the money they raised for a Korle-Bu hospital project.

Despite all these allegations leveled against Inna Patty and threats of suit issued by Inna Patty, the current beauty Queen of the Miss Ghana Pageant, Margaret Mwintuur Dery has been quiet and has not publicly uttered a word either in defense or against Inna of these allegations.

A Ghpage.com source very close to the Dery family has opened up about what is really going on at the camp of Margaret Mwintuur Dery and how disappointed she is with how Inna Patty is running the Miss Ghana beauty pageant.

According to the source not only are the allegations of sexual exploitations leveled against Inna Patty all true, Miss Margaret Mwintuur Dery gained nothing from winning the crown but it’s rather draining her financially and emotionally.

Touching on the issue of pimping and sexual exploitation as raised by the former queens,the close source to the winner revealed that prior to winning the crown, Inna Patty sent all the 20 contestants to a Casino at Osu to beg complete strangers who are gambling for money and they were supposed to raise the money in Dollars, not Ghana Cedis.

The higher the money raised by a contestant, the greater your chances of winning the crown. That Casino was where Miss Margaret Mwintuur Dery, the current beauty queen met Yakubu Bawumia, the brother of the Vice President of Ghana.

Due to the level of friendship between the Bawumia family and the Dery family (Margaret Mwintuur Dery is the niece of current MP and Interior Minister of Ghana, Ambrose Dery), Yakubu Bawumia donated $800 in the name of Margaret Mwintuur Dery. The 2nd highest person raised $500 that night. In total, all the contestants raised more than $2000 dollars at the Casino to build boreholes in the Northern Region but Inna Patty is yet to revealed what she used the money for or where the money is.

Inna Patty again sent the contestants to the Accra Mall to beg complete strangers for money for a “Miss Ghana Project”.All sort of favors were sort from them by the random people they approached for the donations. Most of them were equally humiliated badly by some people they approached. Yet the money raised that day can’t also be accounted for by Inna Patty and her Exclusive Events.

The source also disclosed that all the promises that came with the crown are yet to be fulfilled by Exclusive Events, organizers of the Miss Ghana Pageant after she won the crown on 7th October 2017.

Miss Margaret Mwintuur Dery was promised a Salon car which was supposed to be given her after she won the crown. Mis Dery after waiting a while approached Inna Patty about her price but she was told the car is with the insurance company and it will be ready in 2 weeks time. Meanwhile, insurance of the car takes not more than 2 hours according to Ghpage.com checks with a couple of insurance companies.

Inna Patty after the two weeks told Miss Dery that they couldn’t find a white color of the promised car so they have imported one from the UK and it’s yet to arrive. The crowned queen therefor uses UBER for all her travels needs as the Miss Ghana Queen which costs her about GHS 100 each day

The Official Beauty Parlour of the Miss Ghana Winners which takes care of the manicure, pedicure and all beauty needs of the Queens has issued a warning to Miss Margaret Mwintuur Dery not to come there again in the name of Miss Ghana because Exclusive Events have failed to fulfill their side of the bargain. Makeups and personal body care cost Miss Dery a lot of money considering her status as the Miss Ghana Queen.

In the Miss Ghana contract, it is stated GHS500 will be given to the Queens for their upkeep monthly but even with that amount, Inna Patty always requests money from the Queens to buy fuel anytime they need to travel anywhere. Recently, the Queens traveled outside the country and Inna Patty requested all the 3 crowned queens in 2017 to pay GHS350 each as a user fee. When Miss Derry refused to pay, Inna Patty warned her she will deduct it from her monthly GHS500.

As it stands now, Inna Patty has ceased the Passport of Miss Margaret Mwintuur Dery with the excused that she is having something done for. It’s been 3 months and she is yet to lease it. Just like Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi, Miss Ghana 2013 winner also alleged in her conversation.

Ghpage.com sources revealed that Miss Dery wants to desperately come out and tell her side of the story but her family is divided on whether she should come out and revealed the kind of treatment being meted out to her by Inna Patty or not and considering how politically powerful her family is, she is yet to make a decision.

But Ghpage.com can state for a fact that Miss Margaret Mwintuur Dery, the 2017 Miss Ghana Queen has vowed to distance herself from activities of the crown which sort to have her pimped.

On the 22nd December 2017, Inna Patty held an event at the same Casino in Osu that she sent the contestants to go and rais money. Miss Dery refused to go despite pleas from Inna Patty and some family members Inna Patty contacted to plead with her.

The source further revealed that Miss Derry has confessed to people close to her that most of the programs organized by Inna Patty have nothing to do with the Miss Ghana event and it’s purely meant to subtly pimp the winners to preying men and so has decided to associate with only a few and even with that will always leave the event latest by 8 pm. And also added Miss Dery is supposed to raise GHS12000 monthly for the pageant and not GHS10000 as previously stated by the 3 former queens.

The source also revealed that Sung Maryanne Billey the personal assistant of Inna Patty, the CEO of Exclusive Event, Miss Ghana’s franchised holding company has resigned.

When Ghpage.com contacted Sung Maryanne Billey to confirm if she has indeed resigned because of the rot at the Miss Ghana, she refused to confirm or deny but only stated she is yet to put out a release.

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