Minister for interior declares January 1st public holiday amidst wide public knowledge

Minister for interior, Ambrose Dery

The awareness of January 1st as a statutory holiday is widely known among Ghanaians and even expatriates. But the government still keeps up in its quest to post reminders time and time again.

The ministry of interior, Ambrose Dery, in a press release, stated that January 1st is a statutory public holiday which must be observed as such across the country.

Questions abound over the relevance of such reminders since main events as Christmas Day, New Year and even statutory public holidays as the Farmer’s Day on the first Friday of December are well known days which will be adhered to anyways without the public notice by a government.

Meanwhile, an event leading to the celebration of the New Year has resulted from severe traffic on the major streets of Accra not forgetting high crime rates in the country.

But government has made preparations against cases of crime as the police form a taskforce to deal with crime and insecurity.

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