Shatta Michy is an ‘asskisser’ and Mona is no saint – Dotty Lana reveals

Entertainment of Thursday, 28 December 2017



Shatta Michy (L), Dotty Lana (M) and Hajia4Real (R) published a story of how Shatta Michy was almost beaten by Dotty Lana, a boss chick and an entrepreneur at Hajia4Real’s ‘Global Wave’ party which happened on the 26th December at Club Onyx.

We also shared with you another story of Dotty Lana warning Michy to stay clear of her else she was going to beat her like her stepchild with her ‘EXPENSIVE’ wig.

We promised to dig into the matter to find out what exactly happened and now we have some more juice on what happened at the Global Wave party.

In case you didn’t know Dotty Lana and Hajia4Real used to be very very close friends–Yeah, so they were so close but they fell out as friends and we would share the reason why they are no longer friends with you on another day.

So from conversations we’ve monitored on Social media, most people kept asking why Dotty Lana decided to attend the party when she was invited and also especially when she’s no longer friends with Hajia4Real.

We had a little chit-chat with Dotty Lana on her Snapchat account and we threw that same question at her. She told us that she is a promoter of Club Onyx and also works with DBlack and so she’s always there most of the time and can go there as many times as she wants, so wasn’t there necessarily because of Hajia4Real’s Party.

A portion of our chat with her reads :

I am a promoter of ONYX, I work with D Black so me being at Onyx has nothing to do with her party. I step in and out of Onyx anytime I feel the need to, besides falling out of friendship don’t mean I bear grudges. I live with an open and free mindset, I see nothing wrong with me being there.. they could have easily ignored my presence and have their fund which is what I expected them to do. but hey if you attack me, I will defend right back.

Explaining how the fight started, she told that, she was sitting and having fun when Michy came from nowhere to touch her hair, and so she had to defend herself. According to her, Mona (Hajia4Real) was the one who sent Michy to go and do that.

“I was sitting petty chilling n Michy walked up to me and touched my hair! I had to defend myself and that’s how it started.Apparently, am told it was Mona that went to call Michy to approach me” also grabbed another screenshot on Dotty Lana’s Snapchat, where she was reacting to our earlier story here which was re-published by Ghanaweb. In the screenshot, as can be seen below, she calls Michy an asskisser and says Mona ain’t a saint.

Although we tried to get comments from her over allegations that they (She, Michy & Mona) are bi-sexuals, she told us she would not comment on that.

We are yet to get feedback from Michy on this as we’ve sent her a message.

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