3 Ghanaians allegedly abused, assaulted by Airport security, Tap Portugal officials

General News of Monday, 25 December 2017

Source: www.ghanaweb.com


play videoThe Airport Security accused the three ladies of stealing the pass they genuinely acquired

News about some three Ghanaian ladies who were allegedly forced out of a flight they booked three months ahead of time has flooded social media as Ghanaians express extreme anger over their treatment.

The three ladies booked a Tap Portugal flight for Sao Tome three months ago and were due to board the flight after going through all immigration processes and given their pass.

It was then that the officials of the airline attempted to change their flight for a different day to make room for some three other Caucasians with the excuse that the flight was overbooked.

Refusal to heed to the request of the officials resulted in them forcibly pushed off the flight by Airport Security who acted on the orders of the officials of Tap Portugal.

The ladies were lady accused of stealing their pass by the Airport security in an attempt to justify the assault on them.

The incident has caused massive public outrage as many questions why the three ladies were pushed out by force and how come Tap Portugal failed to inform the three ladies who booked three-months ago or any of the passengers that the flight was overbooked?

Below is the narration by Kwame Gyan, who first recounted the story on his Facebook wall

A video recording of how the ladies were manhandled has also emerged and making waves on social media

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