Stop imitating Moesha Boduong – Diamond Appiah tells Benedicta Gafah

Entertainment of Sunday, 24 December 2017



play videoBenedicta Gafah

Failed Parliamentary aspirant, Diamond Appiah seems to have a bone to pick with almost every female celebrity in the country. Well, the former musician after fighting a social media user throughout last week has turned the heat on Benedicta Gafah.

Diamond Appiah has criticized Benedicta Gafah for wearing silicone ass pad gels; a move by the actress the beautician has described as a move to be like Moesha.

Diamond who was commenting on a video circulating on social media that has Benedicta Gafah exercising to build stamina and also add up to her backside glory said “Before we end tonight court session my forensic experts in Ghana , UK n USA have all called to expose the silicone ass pad gels in the butt cheeks of @empress_dictabee leggings aside the waist clincher she is wearing.

They were like Diamond watch this zoomed video well. Her ass is not round n smooth like a normal natural ass but u can see the outline of the soft silicone gel pads in the leggings making the ass look rough n not well rounded. So they say I should tell Afia to stop trying so hard to be like @moeshaboduong bcos hers looks nice, round n smooth”.

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