Salma Mumin and Benedicta Gafah are the most indisciplined actresses I’ve ever worked with – Kofi Asamoah

Movies of Sunday, 24 December 2017



Kofi Asamoah, Movie Director and producer

Movie Director and producer, Kofi Asamoah have named Benedicta Gafah and Salma Mumin as some of the most indisciplined actresses he has ever worked with.

There have been several debates about what is killing the Ghana movie industry currently. People have outlined several causes of the death of the movie industry including indiscipline, complacency and disregard.

But speaking on the subject on Accra-based Zylofon FM, Kofi Asamoah indicated that indiscipline is the paramount cause of the gradual death of the Ghana movie industry.

According to him, most actors and actresses in Ghana are not disciplined. He indicated that most of them lack respect just because they think they have arrived in life and are better than the directors who guide them on what to do in the movies.

Mentioning some of the actors and actresses who to him are indiscipline, Kofi Asamoah mentioned that Salma Mumin and Benedicta Gafah are some of the indiscipline actresses he has worked with.

He indicated that the ladies do not have respect for time and when they are late for the set, they do not find any better excuse to account for their lateness or absence from the set.

He advised that for the industry to grow, there is the need for a change in attitude because that is the only recipe to ensure that the industry can grow from its current sinking fortunes.

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