Singing, musical chairs and more fun games at Joy FM family party in the park!

Entertainment of Saturday, 23 December 2017



Tens of families have already converged at the Gardens and competing with the chirping birds for fun

It is ¢25.00 for a family of six which means at a giveaway price of 4:00 cedis per person, Joy FM is serving the biggest fun party at the Joy FM Party in the Park which is currently ongoing at the Legon Botanical Gardens.

Tens of families have already converged at the Gardens and competing with the chirping birds for fun. Dozen other families are in the queue waiting their turn to enter.

As early as 10:00 am, ‘six pack and pot-bellied’ fathers led their beautiful wives, children in a great dancing competition in what is turning out to be the greatest pre-Christmas bash.

The line-up of activities commenced with ‘Musical Chairs’ for children which drew families closer to cheer up their wards.

As stated by organisers, the event focuses on the entire family and not only children.

The annual Party in the Park event, organised by Joy FM, brings together families across the length and breadth of the capital for a healthy dose of family fun, good music, food and wide variety of games and activities.

Apart from the dancing competition, there was also the ‘Musical Chairs’ competition for the parents who also did not disappoint. With a rhythmic song, they showed great dancing movement round a pack of well-arranged chairs but with an eye on the prize.

If you are easily distracted, we plead that you never try ‘Lime and Spoon’ competition at any of the Joy FM Party in the Park events.

Contestants will testify that it takes more than just holding a spoon while walking in a straight line to reach the end point.

Sing-along session

It was time for the best voice and the best performance and the kids had a lot to advertise. Some of the kids effortlessly sang the smash hit singles – ‘Angela’ and ‘Odo’ – in a way Kwame Eugene and Kidi will feel threatened. If these kids could sing their songs the way they did, then the two should be ready for a great future competition.

Angela Effah proved that she knew the lyrics of ‘Angela’ perhaps better than the Lynx Entertainment signee.

It was more difficult for judges to select winners of the dancing competition than for any music lover to choose between Kojo Antwi and Daddy Lumba.

These young ones who are not even in their teens danced continuously without pausing to even breathe.

It took the intervention of the judges to stop these children who were charged up to dance till the DJ could no longer stand behind the turntables.

Now the turn of the mothers!

Incredible! These mothers gave Ghanaian artiste, Guru, a good reason to re-shoot his ‘Samba’ music video because the dance moves exhibited should not go unnoticed.

The fathers could not sit and watch the mothers enjoy the spotlight alone. They joined in with their interestingly ‘masculine’ moves!

Pop Star, Michael Jackson should have a good laugh after watching some daddies do an ‘offbeat’ dance.

Food Time!

At a point, the aroma of food prepared with Fortune rice and Frytol oil began competing for attention all over at the Legon Botanical Gardens

The Wilmar Africa cooking stand was the place to be! A variety of lip-smacking dishes prepared by contestants were on display.

As expected, a winner could not be selected for the cooking competition too.

Wonderful prizes including gas cookers, rechargeable fans and other products were awarded to winners of the various competition.

The Joy FM Drive Time team made up of Lexis Bill and Edem Knight-Taye could not even last a minute on the dancefloor. Their waists appeared to have been ‘taken over’ by Shatta Wale. They could neither bend or shake.

How fast can you empty a bottle of drink?

As the content of these drinks rapidly went down the throats of these children, curtains were raised for the much-awaited eating competition.

Pick & Act

Kwame Budu’s mimicking of Pastor Mensa Otabil’s style of preaching and a young girl’s ability to speak exactly like Ex-president Rawlings when he addressed Alfred Agbesi Woyome’s judgment debt saga were high moments of the ‘pick and act’ competition.

And when the 9-year-old Noreno, ‘took over’ the stage with her performance of Shatta Wale’s taking over tune which featured the Militants, the garden was absolutely ecstatic.

Finally, the dancefloor was made available for all to show off the dance skills they’ve rehearsed in front of their mirrors in anticipation of this grand moment.

Kids really live in their own world! Blessed with unlimited skills, they got busy on stage showing off some impressive dance skills. They indeed stole the show!

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