5 reasons why Itel S12 and S32 are the best dual selfie camera phones

Business News of Friday, 22 December 2017

Source: Itel


Itel S12

Itel over the years have been a force to reckoned with in the technological world and as Christmas is looming large they serve us with two their sleek phones which comes in the shape of Itel S12 and S32.

and the most interesting thing about these two phones are that the quality of their dual selfie camera is second to none.

Now the 5 reasons….

1. It has 3 look and an eye catching metal design. S12 has a very eye-catching design. The middle part of the back cover is metal with a smooth brushed texture. The four round corners and elegant arc-shaped edges provide you a comfortable grip.

2. Dual selfie camera lens The second unique design is that there are two camera lens in the front. One has a 63º normal view angle, which is made for solo selfie. Another one has a 86º wide angle, which is perfect for group selfie.

3. Rear fingerprint sensor On the back of S12 sits the fingerprint sensor which is fast, responsive and multi-functional. This design helps get unlocked pretty easily, as your finger is always on that spot while taking out your phone from your pocket, or when you lift it.

4. Ultra-wide 120 º Wide Selfie Taking selfie with a big group of friends can never been easier! With the Wide Selfie mode on the S12, you can pan the camera left to right for a full 120 degrees, giving you a brilliant panoramic shot with the front camera!

5.S32 Positioning, front soft light and 5.5”HD IPS Display

S32 iterative product of S31. Compared to S31, both the front and rear camera have been upgraded. Rear fingerprint sensor has been added, with Group Selfie.

S32 Positioning : The first affordable dual selfie camera with great experience. On behalf of S series the best experience, enhance the brand and product of itel brand.

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