The double standard of Chris Vincent on Miss Ghana ‘Sex bias’ scandal

Entertainment of Thursday, 21 December 2017



Roseline Okoro

The most trending entertainment story this week without a spec of doubt is about harrowing experiences shared by some former beauty queens of Miss Ghana with CEO of Exclusive Events, Inna Patty, and her management before, during and after the prestigious Miss Ghana beauty pageant.

It must be known that it’s on record, this isn’t the first time negative allegations are being leveled against organizers of the most prestigious beauty pageant in Ghana. As a matter of fact, five years ago, in 2012, multiple award winning Ghanaian actress Yvonne Okoro accused the organizers of cheating-sex biases and vote rigging.

5 years ago, editor of online entertainment news portal, Chris Vincent Febiri insulted Yvonne Okoro when she suggested these same issues.

He wrote on his website “I wonder why it has taken this long for several people to notice that Yvonne Okoro is another deluded actress parading her ignorance around, thinking she is the best thing to ever happen to the African movie industry.I loathe spending time on acute mentally constipated individuals like Yvonne Okoro except when it is absolutely unavoidable.

When I published my article titled ‘My Thoughts: Why Roseline Okoro Should Not and Would Not Win Miss Ghana 2012’, Yvonne Okoro like many semi-educated individuals who cannot respect the opinions of others or get involved in substantive discussions without insulting took to Twitter to call me names like Lame.

She continued her attack by saying, having a website does not make me smart or intelligent.

The sad part of it is that, even in my deep sleep, I can beat Yvonne Okoro to anything intelligent…Yet, she had the impudence to attack me on twitter when I had not attack her. All I did was to state my opinion in relation to a public event on my blog…

Her deluded ego which tells her that she is the most important thing to ever happen to the Ghanaian Movie Industry to the extent that if she is not here, we would not have a movie industry made her add that, ‘maybe I should not be nominated for any awards in Ghana as my name is suggestive-okoro’.

Has Yvonne Okoro forgotten that some of us saw her when she started? Does she think the fake hair, fake nails, eyelashes and thick make-up make her better than anyone? If anything at all, it makes her the weakest link.

Let’s fast forward this…

After her sister-Roseline Okoro failed to the win the Miss Ghana 2012 title, instead of congratulating the winner, the same ignorant chicken head took to twitter to accuse the organizers of cheating-vote rigging”.

Looks like Chris is a cyber bully as accused by Leila Djansi as a writer who uses his platform to do the bid of his pay master if you can pay more. It obviously looks like he is doing the bidding of sparrow production because they were former organizers of the Miss Ghana beauty pageant.

Chris claims he is leading the crusade now when he 5 years ago insulted Yvonne Okoro for saying the same thing.

Chris Vincent also said in his article that he believes on facts 5 years ago and they should mention names. With all the ladies he interviewed, none mentioned any ‘big man’ they pimped-out with so what evidence does he have now to be leading the crusade?

If anything, he should publicly apologize to Yvonne Okoro first for insulting her five years ago if he really wants Ghanaian to believe he is doing it for the interest of Ghanaian.

Chris has become a corporate cyber bully for people who can pay. He did the same thing to Leila Djansi months ago perhaps because of sparrow productions who are ‘foes’ to Exclusive Events.

Former Miss Ghana Stephanie Karikari claims that miss Ghana under sparrow production was the best but there is evidence that, that praise is arguable or false. It is on record they were taken to court for failure to honour their promises to winner of Miss Ghana 2005, Lamisi Mbillah.

Is Chris Vincent a cyber bully who does the bidding of his pay master a case study, Yvonne Okoro alleged the same miss Ghana issue five years ago and was insulted for it and now he claims to be the crusader now, What changed? All the former beauty queens making several allegations, claiming CEO of Exclusive Events, Inna Patty pimped them to men should come clear by boldly mentioning at least one man Inna ‘subtly acted’ as a procurer on their behalf as a result of their participation in the Miss Ghana beauty pageant.

Also, Chris said 5 years ago when Okoro raised the issue that, he doesn’t deal with allegations but believes in facts. Are what the three past winners, Stephanie Karikari, 2010, Giuseppina Nana Akua Baafi (Miss Ghana 2013) and Antoinette Delali Kemavor (Miss Ghana 2015) saying, facts? He should lay down the facts by naming or asking the former beauty queens to name the companies and individuals they had such engagements with.

If it’s indeed true that Inna Patty or management of Exclusive Events procured them to men then one can also say all those miss Ghana speaking now slept with ‘big men’ to win as alleged by Yvonne Okoro in 2012 when her younger sister couldn’t wear the crown.

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