Reducing Maternal Mortality Rate: SHS graduate develops health application software

General News of Thursday, 21 December 2017

Source: M. Mohammed-Nurudeen


play videoZaidan Mustapha

In the heart of sprawling Aboabo Zongo in Kumasi, 23–year-old Zaidan Mustapha endured seven good months of sleepless night to develop a health application software to help reduce maternal mortality rate in the country.

What could be described as fidgeting with what he describes as “distorted’’ laptop, saw the creation of an application currently on Apple Store.

The software provides information on pregnancy and child birth as a tool for reducing birth-related death.

The application has videos with different options providing information including nanny service, midwifery assistance among others for expectant mothers.

The health application software is named ‘Obaatanpa’ in Akan to give it a national identity for present and potential users.

Two other languages; English and Hausa, give it wider public appreciation.

Zaidan’s vision is to be able to bring some level of improvement in the health sector, especially, and reduce mortality rate.

“I want to see maternal mortality rate reduce drastically in this country.” He said.

Ghana is still far behind in terms of combating maternal mortality rate recorded in the country.

The magnitude of the cases recorded across the country remained awful. This has been blamed to most pregnant women’s apathy towards visiting health facilities for safe delivery and antenatal.

One way or the other, Zaidan is striving to change the narrative. No queuing no folders, all one needs to do is to download the application.

Though the application is meant for only android phones, Zaidan Mustapha is working tirelessly to develop a USSD application for using second generation phones.

When completely finished, expectant mothers may not have to visit ante-natal clinic as often as they presently do.

Like any human initiative, there are challenges Zaidan will have to overcome.

“I have been trying to discuss this application with the Ghana health services but nothing successful has been achieved.”

Zaidan is just one of many other creative students who need some push to be able to build their future and advance the cause of society.

His life was almost shattered, with little hope of survival, after his father’s death in December 21, 2010.

However, the Senior High School (SHS) graduate managed to pick up the pieces.

Today, he is an innovative software developer, credited with a health application that can help in the fight against maternal mortality.

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