Business has been slow this Christmas season – Abossey Okai traders

Business News of Thursday, 21 December 2017



play videoTraders at Abossey Okai market say deteriorating state of economy has affected Christmas sales

Businesses are expected to be booming at this time of the year but traders at Abossey Okai market in Accra have unfortunately expressed displeasure on “slow commercial rate.”

The sellers attributed the decline in the purchase of their goods to the deteriorating state of the country’s economy, which to them has affected the pockets of many Ghanaians.

In an interview with Ghanaweb, the businessmen bemoaned that although Christmas is usually an exciting moment for market men and women because it is a time where people shop for loved ones, family, and friends, this year’s festive season is the worst they have ever experienced.

While some traders stated that it was difficult to raise enough money to feed their families since they hardly make profit, others described the market as an empty football pitch.

A trader said, “It is very difficult to make money at the end of the day. On bad days, one is fortunate enough to make a ‘few coins’ but on worst days, it will be difficult to make sales up to 10 pesewas.”

“Just take a look at the market; it looks like an empty football pitch. You hardly see shoppers coming around. This year’s Christmas has not been good for us traders,” another trader said.

Describing previous holiday seasons, the traders reminisced on how shoppers flooded the market and could be seen thronging the market place with live fowls, crates of drinks, and foodstuff ready to be taken home for celebrations.

“Christmas in the previous years were the best. Market boomed with early shoppers buying fowls, drinks, and food items to their homes in anticipation of the festive season. But now, you don’t see such. The market is dry and business is slow which is disheartening,” they said.

The traders pleaded with the government to do something about their uncomfortable situation since they are running at a loss and are incurring debts.

They, however expressed hope that the coming year will be much better.

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