Ahuofe Patri teaches people how to use a condom on World Aids Day

Ahuofe Patri distributing condoms to some people at the Madina Zongo junction

The upcoming episode of Television show iSocialTV features actress Ahuofe Patri. She was challenged by the producers of the Television show to teach random people how to properly use a condom.

The challenge was in collaboration with DKT International, the producers of Fiesta and Kiss Condoms. She is seen at the Madina Zongo junction distributing condoms as part of activities marking the 2017 World AIDs Day.

She shows the people around how to use a condom with a wooden dummy penis and a bunch of condoms in her hand.

The activities of the day also included a health walk from Ayi Mensah to Aburi. Health conscious groups, Giovanni Caleb of Starr FM and the actress walked up the mountain for the first time in their lives.

According to Patri, she did this dare as an act of charity for iSocialTV because she believes HIV/AIDs is a horrible disease and a lot of work needs to be done in order to create awareness.

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