Gang rape: Yamin isn’t a deep thinker; his comments not surprising – NDC guru

General News of Wednesday, 20 December 2017



Joseph Yamin blamed the Free SHS policy for the Bantama gang rape incident

Ghana’s former consul to Dubai, Ambassador Daniel Osei wants former President Mahama and his “boys” to keep a clean political conversation following their embarrassing record in the last polls.

The former Consul to Dubai said Mahama boys should know that Ghanaians want to hear concise, dispassionate commentary instead of the hollow arguments that will keep them in opposition forever.

Speaking on Kasapa FM, Ambassador Osei said NDC must learn to be a formidable opposition to represent the voiceless by constructively criticizing the NPP government rather than the pedestrian comments on national issues.

“We have to change our ways of doing things as a party. Ghanaians have shown us that insults won’t win us power and so we must position ourselves to be attractive to Ghanaians again. This will not happen with insults and cheap propaganda. If you look at what is going on in the country, it has become necessary for us to rise and be the voice of the people,” he told sit-in host Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Wednesday.

His comment follows the argument espoused by a former Deputy Ashanti Regional Minister, under the NDC administration, Joseph Yamin who claimed that the NPP government’s free SHS should be blamed for the Kumasi gang rape.

The former Deputy Youth and Sports Minister, said the free SHS policy should be blamed for the declining moral values which has resulted in the gang-rape incident.

His comment however sparked social media anger as Ghanaians questioned his integrity as a former minister of state vis a vis the flat commentary he made on the issue.

Commenting on Yamin’s claim, Ambassador Daniel Osei said he is not surprised the flawed argument made by the former NDC minister since that is the stock-in-trade of the Mahama boys.

“Yamin is not deep; i’m not too surprised he’ll say this, but the fact still remains that the cheap propaganda won’t help us. We must disabuse our minds from the insults and those kind of propaganda. It will be recalled that this same behaviour caused our downfall; It’s those characters that Mahama has surrounded himself with, like Yamin, Appiah Stadium and the rest who caused our defeat, because Ghanaians saw that we were not serious.

“We have to be proactive about getting rid of some of these nonsense.This is not an issue you’ll play politics with it. You can’t be disingenuous in your conversations about serious matters like rape case.”

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