Customer Service Professionals to expose recalcitrant companies

Business News of Wednesday, 20 December 2017



play videoPresident of the Customer Service Professionals, Yvonne Maccarthy

Customer Service Professionals have vowed to name and shame companies and individuals who fail to exhibit right customer service practices to clients.

The professionals bewail such negative acts prevent good working principles and ultimately destroys business relationships with clients.

In an interview with Citi Business News, the President of the Customer Service Professionals, Yvonne Maccarthy said her outfit will name and shame offenders of such acts.

“I have tried reaching out having a conversation it’s not working. I realized that people want their names mentioned and that’s exactly what we are going to do. We are going to take our glasses there, do the recordings, put it on social media, name and shame people. It’s actually exactly what we are going to do now” she assured.

Meanwhile, the head of programs at the Ministry of Business Development Kojo Frempong charged the customer service professionals to be radical in dealing with the situation.

“There are so many professionals in customer service in this country but it doesn’t seem like it’s that reflective. So I would advocate a more radical approach. You need to start getting radical. They are supposed to be great and if they are not then we failed. Get into a frame which is more radical and then maybe we can begin to have some unusual success because if we don’t get radical, we are going to remain in the same frame” he said.

Meanwhile, he advised the customer service professionals to be more proactive in their work.

“Stop thinking about government and focus on attaining goals and objectives” he advised.

The development took place at the launch of a research into the Ghana Service Excellence Award and Ghana Customer Service Index in Accra.

Madam Yvonne Maccarthy said the Ghana Customer Service Index will be published in October 2018.

“The index will be published in the first week of October, which happens to be Customer Service Week.We are looking at eight sectors to start with. Sectors such as the financial institutions, banking and non-banking, retail and hospitality. We will basically check what the sectors are doing right, what they are not doing right, how they can improve, how they measure up against each other, worrying trends, specific things that can help improve the economy all skewed towards customer service” she explained.

She added that “Once we are done collating the information, we are then going to print a report and that will be outdoored every year”.

The Awards ceremony will then take place that same month she assures.

“Once one is done the awards then takes place three weeks after. We open nominations in May for companies to apply,” he said.

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