We’ll resist any oppression on our next march – Mornah to Police

The Chairman of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Bernard Mornah says Ghana Togo Solidarity movement will relaunch another campaign set for December, 25, 2017 asking the police to conduct themselves in uttermost best practices and respect for the law.

Mr Mornah and 12 others including security analyst, Irbad Ibrahim who were part of a group, Ghana-Togo Solidarity movement, staging a peaceful march Saturday morning in solidarity with the political crisis in Togo were rounded up by the Police for allegedly embarking on an illegal protest.

Police had indicated their action was in clear breach of the Public Order Act hence their arrest.

However, the Police have been harshly criticised for their aggressive responses to the recent peaceful march by the group and the detention of Mornah and his men.

Mr. Mornah is incensed by the manner in which they were captured and detained as law breakers, as he told newsmen the law enforcement agencies arrested him in a “rambo style” and threw him into a police vehicle “like a piece of charcoal.”

Unfazed by their malhandling in the weekend’s march,the embattled Chairman of the PNC indicated that they’re not disconcerted by the mistreatment meted out to them by the Police insisting they’re hoping to hold another campaign to draw attention to the political situation in Togo.

In an interview with GHONE TV, Monday, Mornah said “…but let it be said again and again that the situation in Togo will be brought to the fore again; we’ll do everything peacefully . I have instructed that we should organize another rally on 25th of December at the same place-Kawukudi park. We will notify the Police as law abiding people and we expect that they will conduct themselves this time with utmost decency and respect for the law.

Meanwhile, Mornah has said he’ll sue the Police service for abuse of his human rights.

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