My family wanted me to be a Lawyer – Becca

Entertainment of Tuesday, 19 December 2017




Singer Becca has revealed that while growing up, her family wanted her to become a Lawyer and therefore spent huge sums to provide her with the best of education.

According to her, all her relatives thought she will end up in the court because he father was always keen on ensuring that she becomes a lawyer.

Becca who was speaking to Accra-based Joy FM indicated that although she was interested in becoming a lawyer to make her family happy and proud, she had to go in for what she Is passionate about which is music.

She indicated that in life, there is the need for individuals to do what makes them happy and they will surely end up successful if they put their mind to it.

Becca mentioned that regardless of the fact that she had to juggle between school and music, she managed to get a First Class Honours during her undergraduate degree; an indication that she can be able to juggle between work and family when she settles down.

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