Highlife artistes with hit songs are scared to perform with me – K.K Fosu

Entertainment of Monday, 18 December 2017

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If you remember highlife hit songs such as “Akornor Ba, Anadwo Yede, Suudwe, 6 O’clock,” then you certainly remember Highlife artiste K.K. Fosu.

The Ghanaian highlife artiste who has been off the music scene for a very long time with no recent hit song was speaking on the last episode of the “Delay Show.”

K.K. Fosu speaking during interview revealed shocking facts about the new generation of Highlife artistes.

According to him, some of the Ghanaian highlife artistes are scared of performing with him on the same platform because he’s too good.

He added that anytime those highlife artistes hear they’re to perform on the same platform, they get scared and boycott the show.

He made this revelation after Delay asked him “Do you still perform on shows?”

“Meb) shows rough” he responded.

However, he added that “even those artistes with hit songs, when they realize I’m to perform on the same show with them, they get scared, and boycott the show.”

Delay further asked “Why is that?”

“Because they’re scared, and I’m a very good performer and singer than most high-life artistes” K.K. Fosu added.

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