PNC’s Bernard Mornah to sue over ‘rambo-style’ arrest and detention

General News of Sunday, 17 December 2017



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People’s National Convention Chairman, Benard Mornah plans to sue the Nima police after his ‘Rambo-style’ arrest.

Mr Mornah along with 18 others were held for several hours at the Nima police station in Accra on Saturday, December 16, 2017, for what the police described as an unlawful assembly.

Speaking to the media briefly after his release, Mr. Mornah revealed his intention to sue the police; alleging his constitutional rights were violated.

“My lawyer is demanding some answers from them and it is my hope they respond to my counsel. My rights have been mutilated, violated and abused. We followed all the due process in partaking the rally but our rights were abused”, he said

He added his lawyer Dr. Raymond Atuguba will file the suit after the police respond to his questions addressed to the Ghana Police.


Bernard and his team were picked up by the Nima Police at about 9am from the Kawukudi Park in Accra from where they had planned to embark on a demonstration in support of Togolese nationals in Ghana agitating for a change in government in Togo.

The police accused them of engaging in acts that were likely to occasion the breach of the peace.

Meanwhile, during his arrest, his lawyer, Dr. Raymond Atuguba in a long letter addressed to the Police, demanded some answers to the following questions:

1. Whether or not our Client, BERNARD ANBATAAYELA MORNAH, is in the custody of the Nima Police Station, any of the affiliates of that Police Station, or any officer or worker or affiliate or agent of that Police Station;

2. Whether or not our Client has been charged with any offence(s), and if so what offence(s);

3. Whether or not our Client will be granted bail, and if so on what day and time;

4. Whether or not our Client will be put before a Court of law, and if so on what day and time and at which Court.

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