5 serious reasons you should pray for Nana Addo this Sunday

General News of Sunday, 17 December 2017

Source: yen.com.gh


Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of Ghana

Each and every one of us wishes for God to bless us and make us prosperous. After all, that what we are most likely to ask for as Ghanaians.

With a nation having over fifty percent of the population being Christians, it is no surprise to note that Sundays are mostly busy days for us.

If not on Sundays, any time you find yourself at Church praying. But have we ever thought of reasons why we could include President Akufo-Addo in our prayer request list?

Could there be specific reasons why we need to, as a country, put our president first in prayer? These reasons may get you including Akufo-Addo on your prayer list:

1. His decisions are most likely to shape or unmake your future

Being the president of Ghana, Nana Addo, is burdened with the duty of making the right policy decisions to move Ghana forward.

Having won the 2016 elections with many pledges and promises, Nana Addo owes it to the people of Ghana.

But just like every one of us, we can’t always do it by ourselves.

Should Nana Addo make a terrible policy decision, we definitely, as Ghanaians, are prone to feel it and the main reason why a little prayer for Nana Addo works.

2. Good health and vitality

Nana Addo is the oldest president ever in Ghana’s fourth republic – no doubt about that.

But as we continue to count the number of presidents in Africa who embark on health tourism abroad, it is very important that we prioritised the health of our president in prayers.

Old age is a ripe time for the weakness of the body as well several bouts of diseases.

We thank God that our 73-year-old president is very strong and agile but need more strength to perform.

3. Security

The Flagstaff House is undoubtedly the safest place in Ghana today amidst open threats of terrorist attacks.

But it is a very safe resting place for the president.

But we can’t rest on this fact and think all will be well and safe with Nana Addo.

Being head-of-state, Nana Addo is always subjected to strict security surveillance so as to safeguard his overall safety.

But this is not all enough especially when we got to see and read how a president of America – J.F Kennedy – got assassinated.

Nana Addo truly needs our prayers in this.

4. Divine guidance

Without the right guidance from God, there is no way Nana Addo could achieve all that he has promised to roll out in his party manifesto.

Divine guidance means being led on by God when it comes to life and death matters of state security.

To this end, we need to as Christians help our president with this.

5. The right association

Nana Addo will not be able to become a successful president all by himself.

In fact, the performance of his administration will best be based on the capacity of his team members and cabinet ministers.

It is to this effect that the president will thus be in dire need of the right persons to make the success of his government a reality.

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