Missionary or doggy? Lexis Bill chokes in a bumpy ride with listener

Entertainment of Friday, 15 December 2017

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play videoLexis Bill and Valerie Walker Baidoo on Drive Time

Finding a job at Joy FM, for many is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack. And when you find it, hosting the Drive Time, the biggest drive in the country is like the camel crawling its way through the eye of the needle. Almost impossible to make the cut isn’t it? But few have. Lexis Bill is one of them.

It is a job many dream about but few can have the license to drive on the Superhighway. Lexis Bill is the licensed Driver on Drive Time until he handed over to a spare driver-Valerie Walker Baidoo- Thursday evening.

Valerie did not have to find that needle in the haystack to be on Joy FM; neither did she have to force the camel through the needle to host the drive. All she had was a wish, a Christmas wish to interview the best driver on the biggest Drive in Ghana and her wish was granted by Santa [Lexis] Bill.

On Thursday night, Valerie lived her dream and drove her way through the Personality Profile on Joy FM’s Drive Time programme in one amazing bumpy ride.

Sex positions

For a man, almost possessed with asking the favorite sex positions of his guests, Lexis found himself almost choking to death when the new host asked him his favorite sex positions. Missionary or Doggy?

Lexis tottered, almost lost for words for seconds but found consolation in settling for a missionary position.

Play the video and watch the new Drive Time driver living her wish.

Watch video below:

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