Banks in Ghana not helping local businesses – CEO


The CEO of Doron Medical Center Rev. Dr. Godwin Ahlijah has blamed banks in Ghana for the lack of financial support and poor performance of local Ghanaian businesses.

According to him, the unwillingness on the part of the banks to approve loans remains number one killer of dream businesses hindering entrepreneurship and job creation.

Rev. Dr. Ahlijah, who is also the Founder of Meaningful Life International, a non-denominational Christian Non-Governmental Organization, and a non-profit Missionary Agency, poured his frustrations at the banks after the grand opening of the newly constructed Doron Medical Center, located at New Jerusalem-Afienya on the Appolonia road.

“I am sharing this out of the experience we went through before we were able to build this medical center. By the grace of God no bank supported us but we have been able to meet our target and we are trusting and believing God to do more.

Front view of Doron Medical Center
Front view of Doron Medical Center

“The banks are not helping Ghanaian businesses at all. Even where you meet all their criteria, they still find something to deny people access to loans,” he lamented.

Doron is a Greek Word that is translated as ‘Gift from God’. The hospital has a very solid dedicated professional medical team and offers comprehensive, coordinated, compassionate and most importantly cost-effective healthcare.

The services being offered at the hospital include Family Medicine; Occupational Health; Paediatrics; Geriatrics; Maternal & Child Health; Laboratory Services; X-Ray; Ultra Sound; Psychotherapy and Executive Private Appointments.

Doron Medical Center has partnered other health professionals from Europe and the USA to provide excellent and professional healthcare.

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