LPG marketers threaten to sue government

Business News of Wednesday, 13 December 2017

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LPG Marketers threaten suit over cylinder re-circulation policy

LPG marketers have threatened to sue government over what they describe as a deliberate attempt to sideline them in the rollout of the cylinder recirculation module.

The LPG marketers have since its inception objected the policy which is expected to be fully implemented by November 2018 according to a presidential directive.

The module involves the filling of LPG cylinders at designated refilling plants before distribution to customers at retail outlets.

The Association of Liquid petroleum Gas marketers served a deadline notice to government after several attempts to hold a meeting with the ministry failed.

Lawyer for the Association, Bernard Owiredu in an interview laid bare the sentiments of the group.

” For almost a month now, there has been no response from the ministry. We feel we have been shortchanged and tossed around as if we are not essential to the implementation of the policy. We are simply seeking to have a meeting to address pertinent issues as well as some loopholes in the cylinder recirculation policy. With our level of experience in the industry, our suggestions must be considered before the policy can be successfully implemented”, he said.

Mr. Owiredu further warned that “In the event that we do not hear anything from the ministry, we will resort to any legal means to vindicate our rights. Another meeting will be held within the association to plan the way forward. But, if the ministry does not respond to our notice by Wednesday, December 13, 2017, we will take legal action against them.”

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