Akosua Sika’s mother threatens to call down ‘Ayigbe’ gods on lady who beat up her daughter

Entertainment of Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Source: yen.com.gh


Akosua Sika was assaulted by a gang of ladies a few days ago

Mother of Akosua Sika, the lady who was beaten up by another lady for “trying to snatch” her boyfriend has threatened to deal with her daughter’s beater.

The obviously embittered mother is captured in a video threatening to rain down curses on Sharon GH, the lady who severely assaulted Akosua GH for going after her boyfriend whose name has been given as Asaawa GH.

In the video, the mother, together with some family members stormed the house of Sharon GH and her boyfriend, but they were informed that the two had vacated the premises since the news broke out.

The mother however, refused to leave the house, insisting to see the lady, perhaps having a feeling that she might be hiding there.

She is heard screaming in the video in the Twi language as paraphrased below:

“Wherever she [Sharon GH] is she should keep hiding herself. If I get hold of her she will see that I am a real Ayigbe woman.” “If I don’t show these people [Sharon GH and her accomplices] that I am an Ayigbe woman, then it is not me!” “Even you [Sharon] who looks like a corpse, no one is beating you. A criminal like you,” the embittered mother kept ranting.

The other family members in the video revealed that they are making the matter a police case to get the beaters of their daughter brought to book.

In the video which contains Akosua Sika’s assault, a group of girls attacked Akosua with beatings and hefty slaps.

Her offence? Akosua Sika has been secretly dating Sharon GH’s boyfriend AsaawaGH, and wanting to snatch him from her.

She was obviously set up by her abuser after her she got to know following investigations that Akosua had been seeing her boyfriend Asaawa GH for some time now.

Meanwhile, Akosua Sika in a Facebook post has indicated that she is innocent. According to her, she got connected to Asaawa GH and the two began to talk with her later asking the guy for money.

She disclosed that her conversations with the guy indicated that he was no longer interested in the relationship he had with his girlfriend.

Therefore, the accusation that she was trying to snatch Asaawa GH from her girlfriend Sharon GH is false.

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