Akosua Sika speaks after receiving severe beatings for allegedly snatching someone’s boyfriend

Entertainment of Tuesday, 12 December 2017

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Akosua Sika

The lady at the centre of social media attraction now is Akosua Sika, the young girl who was physically assaulted in a video.

Akosua Sika was set up and trapped by one Sharon GH, for trying to snatch her boyfriend Asaawa GH, whom she had “suffered” with for a long time.

Since the video went viral, some social media users have descended on the poor girl saying she deserves to be beaten in that manner for going after another woman’s boyfriend.

Others have also condemned the assault, urging Akosua to “make the issue a police case”.

Some also claim that Asaawa GH, the “lover” boy in this whole saga was the one behind the whole set up for Akosua to be beaten.

However, in a Facebook post, Akosua Sika, has explained her side of the issue. she also urged her critics to rethink the issue over before judging her.

According to Akosua Sika, the boy expressed interest in her with the excuse that his girlfriend is “crazy” and showed signs of wanting to get rid of their relationship.

To her, it is not a bad thing to ask a guy who has expressed interest in you for money or food.

What seems to have pained Akosua Sika most is that her attackers invaded her privacy by getting hold of her phone, unlocking it, deleting her chats with the guy and subsequently breaking her phone screen.

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