The internet ‘can’t think far’ about Ahoufe Patri’s beans stew with koobi and ‘red red’

Entertainment of Thursday, 7 December 2017



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Everyone has their own style of cooking and Ahoufe Patri took her cooking skills to the studios of Serve Pot, a subsidiary of OMG Digital, the owners of OMG Voice.

She shared her recipe for preparing beans stew and from comments made by most people as monitored by they seemed surprised at her combination.

Ahoufe Patri mentioned that although she knows how to cook because she’s the only child of her mother, her mother does all of the cooking most of the time as she stays with her.

Interestingly, Ahoufe Patri decided to add salted fish aka ‘Koobi’ to her beans stew also known as ‘ Red Red’ and from all indications, people are as surprised AF!.

See some of the comments below:

This commenter says it’s the first time he’s seeing something like that

Ahoufe’s combination is shocking lots of people

And more and more people are surprised

Well, we went through the comments and lots and lots of people were shocked she decided to add Koobi.—We don’t know why she did it, perhaps she just loves Koobi.

Well, thinking of how you can also prepare Ahoufe Patri’s Red Red?

Watch the video below:

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