Don’t blame gas attendants for explosions – Prince Billy Anaglate

General News of Thursday, 7 December 2017



Prince Billy Anaglate, Deputy Director of Public Relations, GNFS

The Deputy Director of Public Relations of the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) Prince Billy Anaglate has said gas attendants alone should not be blamed for gas explosions but also consumers should share in the blame.

According to him, individuals who go into the gas stations to fill their gas cylinders have roles to play in ensuring that gas explosions are prevented.

Mr. Anaglate told that sometimes when people go and queue at gas filling stations waiting to fill their cylinders, as they are moving they hit one cylinder to another forgetting that the environment they are is filled with rich vapourised gases.

“You get to a gas filling station you see people queue with their gas cylinders and then as they are moving, they will be hitting one cylinder to another forgetting that the whole environment they are queuing is filled with rich vapourised gases. So if you are hitting one cylinder to another the tendency for the fusion that is generated between the two metals could easily cause fire” he stressed.

He said some people make calls at the gas stations and others roll gas cylinders on the floor which are all ways of causing fire at the gas filling stations.

Mr. Anaglate further cautioned that in the domestic homes people should try as much as possible to prevent gas explosion from occurring.

He said people should stop putting stones on the regulators of cylinders aiming at preventing leakages. According to him, the act only prevents noise from coming out of the regulator but the leakage will still occur.

Filling stations, Mr. Anaglate said, should not be used as lorry parks and the habit of some people parking their vehicles at filling stations should stop.

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