Killbeatz’s manager ‘hot’ over ‘irresponsible’ damage control

Entertainment of Tuesday, 5 December 2017



Killbeatz in a studio

His attempt to clarify issues and somewhat exonerate Killbeatz in the ongoing controversy between the record producer and afro-pop artiste, Fuse ODG, yielded a negative result as pundits of Zylofon FM’s ‘Showbiz Agenda’ punched holes into his statements, observed.

Jeffery Addo, a member of Killbeatz management team in his presentation averred that contrary to assertions that Fuse ODG sacked Killbeatz from his $1m mansion after the artiste found a pot of blood in one of the rooms, believed to be for ritual purposes, the record producer rather left the house after a disagreement between the two.

He argued that Killbeatz contributed greatly to the success of Fuse ODG and as such, the latter can never throw the former out of the house.

“Killbeatz made Fuse so he has no right to say that he’s sacked him from the house. We all know Killbeatz is the sole producer of Fuse ODG… Fuse used to struggle and was introduced to Killbeatz to help him. Killbeatz was not even giving him that much attention when he [Fuse] came to Ghana. It was a couple of friends around who spoke to Killbeatz before he accepted because Killbeatz was really busy with R2bees at that time. After agreeing to work with him, if this is how it’s going to end, then I think it’s very bad,” Jeffery said.

Reacting to his submission, music producer, Wei Ye Oteng expressed disappointment in the management member.

“He should not try to justify this on any radio again because he has goofed. Not everyone is a good communicator. He said so many things that if I am Fuse, I will be so pissed. First of all, he said he [Fuse] can’t sack him [Killbeatz]. If I am Fuse, and I own my house, then I decide what happens.

“This guy goofed so much by even saying people had to beg for Killbeatz to work with Fuse. When greatness is achieved, all these things are nothing to write home about. Some things should remain between you people… If you don’t know how to talk, don’t talk… He is rather creating a huge enmity between Killbeatz and Fuse” Oteng noted.

Fuse ODG hanging out with his colleagues at the mansion two years ago

Willi Roi, another renowned record producer also appeared to have been shocked to the bone by the utterances of Jeffery as he stated that, “For the manager to have said that the guy can’t sack Killbeatz, he doesn’t understand management. He is a ‘damagement’. What he has done is infuriating Fuse. Killbeatz has been so lucky that most of the people he makes beat for, get somewhere therefore raise his brand. And for goodness sake, I don’t know anybody who could have taken Killbeatz that farther than what Fuse did for him. He should revise his notes and know how to present it.”

Meanwhile, Jeffery has said the blood in question was that of a ram which had been killed for a barbecue as Killbeatz was celebrating his birthday.

“A Muslim friend was invited over to do the slaughtering of the ram. And you know Muslims, before you slaughter an animal, you have to dig a hole to pour the blood in. It was just a normal slaughtering of a ram for a barbecue. It’s not like anybody brought a juju man to the house. We are confused as to how this issue is going. If Fuse is claiming that he is taking Africa to the world, then he should learn our culture,” he told host, Sammy Flex.

He alleged that “Somebody in the house took a picture and sent to him [Fuse ODG] trying to frame up a story that we are doing rituals in the house. I believe the person has his own agenda.”

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