Ahwerease residents fear-gripped after crocodile stormed house

The crocodile could not attack anybody before it was killed

Residents of Ahwerease Akuapem in the Eastern Region are living in fear following the invasion of a crocodile to the home of a family few days ago.

Fortunately, the dangerous animal did not attack anybody before it was killed.

The reptile which stormed the house in the evening and was lurking around the kitchen was spotted by a young boy who raised alarm following which the animal was shot.

It is believed that the reptile escaped from a pond where the animals which belong to the late chief of the area are being reared.

Following the scary incident, residents fear the reptiles might have laid eggs in parts of the area on the blind side of the inhabitants and could hatch them and multiply their numbers.

The residents are therefore urgently calling on the Ghana Wildlife Authority to come to their aid and help them deal with the situation to avoid needless deaths.

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