Summer, a new talent emerges with ‘Ayeeh’

Entertainment of Monday, 4 December 2017

Source: Charles Ntiamoah-Mensah


Summer Ransford Wurah

3G Media proudly introduces Summer Ransford Wurah a new talent with his own flavor who has entered the entertainment Industry.

The 24 year old who has come to be known in show biz by the name Summer lives his life based on some personal principles.

Music to him generally is not just a talent but a continuous story told to get words across to the listener either to inspire, motivate or entertain. He started his music career at a tender age with a dtermination to reach higher heights with it.

Listening to musicians across the globe has positively influenced his career growth. He puts it this way In his own words “I think I am ready for any platform anywhere it takes me.”

The song; “Ayeeh” was produced by Phantom. ‘Ayeeh’ is the major word mentioned frequently in the chorus of the song. He chose the tittle; Ayeeh for this song because it is a simple word that is catchy and easy to sing along. He also felt listening to the lyrics of the song was cool to use. It is easy to sing along “Ayeeh” to make the hook and song in general sound good.

My next song titled; “Artillery” just talks mainly about some major body parts of a lady in the story and describes her alarming body parts using artillery as the word that is about heavy ammunition.

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