Ghana’s Most Beautiful’s Nasara finally files for a divorce

Entertainment of Monday, 4 December 2017



Nasara Kittoe has changed her Instagram name to Nasara Rauf

It is emerging that the marriage between former Ghana’s Most Beautiful queen, Nasara Abdul Rauf, better known as Nasara and his husband, one Kittoe has ended.

A report put up by indicates that Nasara has filed for a divorce at an Accra Court from Kittoe, a man she has been married to for years. According to the report, Nasara is alleged to have nurtured a habit of cheating on her husband.

The publication explained that there are other scandals hanging around the neck of the ex-beauty queen, which have finally ruined her marriage with Kittoe.

The report added that Nasara has become a laughing stock in her neighborhood as her husband has finally unveiled the full identity of the man she is having amorous relationship with.

Sources close to the family say Nasara, a mother of twins, has become a chain-smoker, who is creating problems for the family.

However, Nasara who reacted to the website on her side of the story denied all the allegations leveled against her.

Nasara in her explanations admitted that though her marriage is struggling, it’s not as bad as reported by the news site.

“Every marriage has issues and I have been having issues with my husband recently but whatever you reported is not true, it’s not that at all,” Nasara is quoted to have said.

Interestingly, Nasara who became Nasara Kittoe on social media after her marriage has for some strange reasons changed her name back to her maiden name on her Instagram page.

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