Behave like Catholic priests when on peace missions – Minister warns soldiers

Minister of Defense, Dominic Ntiwul

All Ghanaian soldiers on peace missions are being warned against sleeping with women while on duty.

Minister of Defense, Dominic Ntiwul, says such acts by soldiers could see them either being sacked or lose their rank According to Dominic Ntiwul, it is the duty of Ghanaian soldiers to behave like Catholic priests whenever they go on peace missions.

The minister believes sleeping with civilians makes peacekeeping a difficult task hence the need to stop it. “You cannot have intimate relations with the people who you are going to help maintain peace, neither can you have the sexual relationship between opposite sex,” he stated.

Nitiwul, who is also a Member of Parliament, announced that a Legislative Instrument (L.I) is currently before Parliament, seeking to increase the duration of engagement for soldiers from 25 years to 30 years. He admonished them to remain disciplined and to protect the territories of the country.

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