Old Skuuls Reunion 2017! Your old Skuul crush is waiting for you

Entertainment of Saturday, 2 December 2017

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Chill out as we reminisce the good old days of Ateeekola, Shapiiro! Photoo, Terminator, etc

Good morning. It is the morning of the Old Skuuls Reunion 2017. We are back at home- the Trade Fair Centre Accra- after flirting a little with the Independence Square.

Talking about flirting, I am sure you did quite a bit of that in school. Well, the lady you flirted with, the guy or lady you liked but never quite had the courage to say so, are all headed to the Trade Fair today for a ‘lai momo’ [old lover] reunion. Pray he or she is still single if you are too. If he or she is not, just continue with the mouth POP session and you will be fine.

Dozens of you I know have set off, heading to Accra from Koforidua, Cape Coast, Kumasi, Kpando etc -all of which have some of the best Senior high schools and University halls, and you are hoping to join the fun right here in Accra. We are waiting to host you all.

Those of you in Tamale, Wa, Sunyani, Bolga, Takoradi, who attended some of the best schools and universities there but are unable to join us in Accra, don’t worry your friends here will be your flagbearers.

You will not be completely left out of the fun because you will have up to the minute updates- texts, pictures and videos of all the crazy attires, jama sessions, gari soakings competition, and of course the performances of the greatest artistes of the time all here on Myjoyonline.com.

If you attended Bleoo, Adisco, Presec, Augusco, Motown, Chemu, Aquinas, Temasco, Vandals, Katanga, ATL, A Poly, or from the Bobo Kingdom and you cherished the school you attended, then the place to be today is at the Trade Centre and the site to remain glued to is Myjoyonline.com for it will be a thoroughly exciting, adrenalin pumping, and voice losing expedition. If at the end of the programme you are able to keep your voice the same way you came with, you probably didn’t attend a proper school or you were so ‘anti-so’ in school that after school even your classmates are not ready to associate with you.

Chill out as we reminisce the good old days of Ateeekola, Shapiiro! Photoo, Terminator, Mugu Yaro ……add yours.

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