Ghanaians decry ‘galamsey,’ favour government providing alternative livelihood – Report

General News of Saturday, 2 December 2017



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A majority of Ghanaians support government’s efforts to clamp down on illegal small-scale mining, popularly known as ‘galamsey,’ a recent Afrobarometer survey indicates.

The survey also shows that Ghanaians overwhelmingly favour the government’s proposed initiatives to develop alternative livelihoods for those affected by the clampdown.

Rejection of “galamsey” and approval of the government’s handling of the fight against it are particularly strong among better-educated Ghanaians and among residents of the Central, Brong Ahafo, and Ashanti regions. Opposition to small-scale mining is weakest in the Upper East, Northern, and Upper West regions.

Public opinion fortifies the government’s assertive new fight against “galamsey” and its devastating effects on the country’s water bodies, farmlands, and livelihoods.

The campaign is already credited with sparking the recovery of some hitherto heavily polluted water bodies.

Some of the key findings include;

Seventy-four percent of the respondents said no citizen should be permitted to engage in illegal small-scale mining or “galamsey” for any reason.

Eight out of 10 Ghanaians (81%) approve of the government’s performance in clamping down on illegal small-scale mining.

Eight out of 10 Ghanaians (80%) approve – including 52% who “strongly approve” – of the idea that the government should be responsible for providing alternative livelihoods for former “galamseyers.”

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