Work hard, pause and relax the body as a media person – Kwame Sefa Kayi

Entertainment of Friday, 1 December 2017

Source: Flex Newspaper


Kwame Sefa Kayi

The Media fraternity just like any other demanding field can really make you work harder than you should especially if you find yourself in some very delicate areas thereby making you forget of your own self all in the name of working very hard and being expectant of positive results.

One noble job that is driven by passion and enthusiasm among others and not necessarily the worth one would want to amass for him or herself. You are just out of the equation if you are not ready to serve rather than to be served as far as the media fraternity is concerned.

Journalists, presenters, disk jockeys, radio and television producers, radio and television managers among others are indeed doing a lot for the various communities, towns and the country at large but failing to take care of themselves so well as expected maybe because of the nature of the job.

Interestingly, these people use their platforms to introduce all kinds of medications to their listeners without sometimes having to use any of them. They teach people on how to live well and to an extent the kind of food to eat, what to wear, what to buy and a lot more. Yet, majority of them fail to practice any of such.

Everybody looks up to these people for entertainment, information and education. It is all about putting a smile on the faces of people so as to make life easier for the individual when the media man’s life is totally ignored by himself.

As a listener or viewer of a radio station or television station respectively, why do you think a host of a show would be taken off especially if he isn’t pulling his weight? It is simply for you the listener to be happy so that you will continue to listen to or watch that program. Basically, you are the major concern. That is why presenters, journalists will sacrifice their lives for your sake. You matter so much to them.

Honestly, I know some media persons who barely sleep but are always actively working just to make sure things are done appropriately and professionally. Well, some can easily argue that, you can’t sleep if you want to succeed in life. Is that supposed to mean they can’t sleep at all? Or they are supposed to sleep for a stipulated number of hours.

This media job is such that you can work forgetting that you haven’t had anything to eat maybe half day or the whole day and they could console themselves as being industrious and making sure targets are achieved.

Life they say is precious but sometimes we find it difficult to manage it well for reasons beyond or within our control. Over time and working late in the night is simply part and parcel of every media person.

Have we even considered the time our morning show hosts wake up to do what they do best for you to be happy and to get the necessary information you yearn for? Some are simply workaholics and they love their jobs.

Yes, I am sure most of these journalists go on leave so that they can have enough rest before they resume work. But hey, some of them still keep themselves busy without observing proper rest at the end of the day. It is either he is mcing a program or attending to his personal businesses here and there or something else that would keep him busy.

While others are in bed and resting, disk jockeys find themselves behind the machines or console, playing all the favourite tunes for the listener to enjoy and to put him to sleep. Some can hold the forth for other disk jockeys just to fill in the space so that the listener would be served as usual.

The least said about station managers, the better. Some work to the extent of not going home to be with the family that is if he has anything like that. They end up making the office their home by observing a few hours of sleep and to some, it’s just a few minutes all in the name of meeting targets and making sure things are done appropriately.

Dear media man, do you get the time to observe proper physical exercise? Well, I wouldn’t blame you so much if you say ‘NO’. But I think something can be done about it regardless of the situation. Give it a thought and work towards it.

It is high time presenters, journalists, and the rest took their lives seriously. Do they even get the time to go for regular checkups?

In as much as much as you want to make things work, plan for yourself as well so that you will live and be heard until God calls you.

Your health is more important than any other thing. Cherish it and work assiduously to improve the economy. We need you alive to work for mother Ghana.

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