How to handle losing streaks in football betting

Sports News of Friday, 1 December 2017



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Football betting offers plenty of opportunities to have great fun and also make some handsome money for yourself in the process.

Although placing regular football bets means that you might score several potential wins (if you continue betting successfully over the long term), you should also be prepared for some inevitable losses during the course of this time.

No matter how experienced you might be at football betting, there would be times when nothing would go right (unless you get really lucky like this football fan!).

While you can hone your betting strategy by availing and using free bets offered by multiple platforms (for free bets offers and betting tips – click here), you cannot stay completely isolated from such bad runs. How do you think football bettors handle such losing streaks? Let’s find out.

Come to terms with the fact that losing streaks happen

You must always remember that losing streaks are a part and parcel of football betting, and can happen right from the beginning.

When you prepare yourself for such losing streaks well in advance, you’d be able to handle them responsibly and be extra careful in your bet placements.

In a way, you’d be able to ensure that you don’t bet way your entire bankroll. Losing streaks are experienced by every single person who bets regularly on the football matches.

It’s how you deal with them that determines whether you emerge a winner in the long term or not. For instance, read the story of this professional punter who lost a lot and then fought back depression to come back a winner.

Take a break

Anytime you witness a losing streak, it might be a good idea to pause things and take a short-term break from football betting. Continuing betting even when you are losing everything, just to win back some of the lost money, can prove to be a huge risk. It’s actually a vicious circle – the more you lose, the more you feel like betting, leading to huge losses on the whole.

Anytime you get even the slightest hint that you are experiencing a losing streak, step away and avoid any contact with the bookmakers for at least a fortnight. This break would help you come back refreshed and prevent you from getting into major financial troubles.

Be very strict about money matters

Nothing denying that betting on football can be huge fun, but it can drain your bank account too, especially if you’re not disciplined about your bankroll management.

Majority of reputed and responsible online bookmakers allow you to specify daily betting limits, enabling you to not go overboard with your bets.

You must always use a separate bank account for your football betting activity, where you keep money meant only for betting activity.

Using such separate account can be an excellent method to divide your cash and to maintain a strict football betting budget.

It would also make sure that any losing streak won’t be very stressful for you as it won’t have any significant impact on your general finances (isolated from your betting activity).

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