Farmers’ Day turns bloody at New Juaben

The woman was rushed to the hospital as she bled profusely

It was a matter of near death during the celebration of this year’s Farmers’ Day at the New Juaben Municipality in the Eastern region as the farmers who exhibited their produce, resisted attempts by the organisers to have them trade their products with a cutlass each.

Class FM’s Eastern regional correspondent, McAnthony Dagyenga reported on Friday, December 1 that the organisers had asked the farmers to come exhibit their products to make the day a success, as has been the practice every year.

But to the dismay of the farmers, the organisers rather told them that they had to exchange their products for a cutlass which in most instances cost less than the said produce.

This caused pandemonium at the event grounds as the farmers forcefully took the cutlasses away from the organisers and refused to agree to the barter system.

In the rush for the cutlass, several of the farmers sustained injuries including an old female farmer who sustained cuts on her body.

She was later rushed to receive treatment as she bled profusely.

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