Fight against Malaria receives boost with introduction of two products by Exa Ventures

 The fight against malaria has received a boost with the introduction of Divine Mosquito Repellent Lotion and DM soap for bathing and for washing mosquito nets by Exa Ventures.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Exa Ventures, Mrs Doris Ohene Adoboe in an interview with said she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to come out with the two products. Mrs Adoboe indicated that her company was established in 2014.

“It has been an inspiration from the Holy Spirit, the divine teacher to contribute to solving socio-medical problems thus malaria control and prevention. Hence, some research into plants medicines coupled with lots of tests and the final certification from the FDA,” She noted.

Mrs Adoboe noted that all the products are certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA). She revealed that Divine Mosquito repellent lotion, Candel and DM soap are organic products which repels mosquito and all biting insects.

“The products are Diethytoluamide (DEET)a cancer free causing chemical. They are herbal products. The DM soap does two things the waste water from the use of our soap prevents mosquito eggs from hatching and kills the growing larvae. It prevents the mosquitoes from biting anyone who baths or smear the soap,” Mrs Adoboe disclosed.

She added that “The lotion is 50% water base and  oil free. Those of us who would not like to use the soap and the lotion needs to only lit up the repellent candel which repels all  flying insects including mosquitoes,” Mrs added.

Mrs Doris Ohene Adoboe called on companies, NGOs and individuals to come on board in controlling and preventing malaria in Ghana and Africa.

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